Friday, January 23, 2009

Eleven Lies I was made to Believe Growing Up

  1. Don't think to much/I can think to much. I was raised with two groups of people in my life, the people who taught me to question everything, and the people who to be to do this and believe that with out question. The older that I get the more I find that the people encourage you to learn become fewer and fewer and the people who just want you to listen and accept become more and more.
  2. The first year of marriage is the hardest of your life. So many people told me this that in the first four months of being married I was thinking that one day I would come home and my wife would be pointing a shotgun in my face. Year on of marriage wasn't easy but it also wasn't characteristically difficult either.
  3. If I made that face to much my face would freeze like that. Yeah, I believed this one for a long time.
  4. Money, Drugs, Sex can't bring happiness. Imagine my surprise when I got into college and found out that there are many people who find their happiness in these things.
  5. I be/do whatever I wanted to be/do. In all truth from my birth I have had many restrictions placed on my life by socioeconomic, sex, race, age. That is not to say that I can't aspire to be anything I want to be, but at some point dreams give way to reality and that is the point at which I have to learn to be satisfied with where I am at in my life.
  6. That Life is a journey, not an adventure.
  7. Only Baptists have a valid interpretation of the Bible. Growing up I never had a comprehensive overview of what other denominations believed but my own. Now that have studied/study other denominations and theologies I find that the interpretations that I was taught where in some areas dead one, in others way off, and in other areas just incomplete.
  8. I have to change and wash a tee shirt after every individual use. (JACK'S MANNEQUIN: I'm Ready).
  9. If you aren't a Christian you don't have anything good to say. I knew the names of great philosophers, Gandhi, Buddha, Muhammad, Marx but I grew up hesitant and even fearful to read a word that was written. Now that I have read them I find that more often then not they just reinforce beliefs that I already have and help me to develop new beliefs about mankind.
  10. Jesus was born on December 25th.
  11. My Worth is based on my Wealth. It isn't really a surprise that in a consumer driven society like America this is a common one for many people to deal with. The lie is that you are only worth anything if you buy new things, even if you don't need them. This starts the cycle of work so you can afford the things that you don't need, then work so much that you don't have the time to enjoy the things that you work so hard to get.


Anonymous said...

Very wise. You have learned well.


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